I had been scouting potential shooting locations for hours by car and eventually by foot as I reached Bandon Beach. It had been raining most of the day and I was getting little in the way of photo opportunities. It was too windy, too rainy and the weather was just plain nasty. I decided to walk the beach and scout for future possibilities. It was more a therapeutic walk than work. It is not often I take a walk in the rain. I had forgotten just how enjoyable it can be if you are dressed for the occasion. These moments of solitude in such places of beauty are the most spiritual experiences I have ever had in nature. Alone with the Lord in a gentle shower amidst His awe inspiring creation.

As the rain persisted showing little sign of letting up, I decided to go back to the car and wait it out. I had only been back for a few minutes when I could see some breaks in the clouds to the west. I was thinking this could be the moment I was hoping for as clearing storms can often bring tremendous photo opportunities. The clouds were so low I felt I could touch them but they were traveling so fast, I barely had time to get my gear and myself back down to the beach. I was running to the locations I scouted with rain gear, wet sand and lots of equipment. It was not easy and I was reminded of the fact that I no longer run 6 miles a day. I vividly remember running along the beach and praying out loud “Oh Lord please let me get there”. With little time to spare, I made it. As I walked backed to the car, I was exhilarated with the experience and congratulated myself on my patience, preparedness and intuition to stay the course. Soon after, I was reminding myself who really deserved the glory.