Ever since grade school geography when I saw one of those famous pictures of the car driving through a Redwood tree, I have wanted to see the Redwoods.

Staying in southern Oregon, I was not too far from the Coastal Redwoods of Jedediah Smith State Park in northern California so one day, I decided to make the day trip south.

As you approach these guardians of the forest, you do so with a great sense of reverence……almost feeling the need to request permission to enter. Surrounded by these giant living treasures, my sense of scale and perspective was completely altered. In an instant I felt like a character in a fairy tale. My car seemed like a toy, and I felt like an insect driving it. The view through my windshield could contain but a portion of the trees before me and the sky had all but disappeared. As I walked through “Stout” grove, (so aptly named), I felt transported into the past. I have had these feelings before when surrounded by ancient living things but never to this magnitude. You can’t help but wonder, “If these trees could talk, what stories could they tell?” You look at their thick bark, the scars, their height, their girth, and you wonder who and what they have witnessed. They have survived devastating storms, fires, floods, lightning and generation upon generation of ancient civilizations. Seeing and touching them has been as much a privilege as it is humbling.