services-mainFor many people, the purchase and installation of artwork can be a daunting task . . . not so much because it is difficult, but because it may be an unfamiliar process. As with anything, experience helps and most of us have precious little of it when it comes to buying artwork. Why? Because like purchasing a home, we tend not to do it very often.

Yes, the prospect of covering those walls is exciting! We want to make a good decision; but, do we really know how to go about it? When buying a home, most people hire a realtor for professional guidance. In terms of buying artwork – specifically, photography – rather than going to an outside source, why not go directly to the source? No one else is going to have a more vested interest in your satisfaction than me.

One obvious question when purchasing art is – what type of work do you enjoy? Since you are reading this, I assume you like photography. That narrows things greatly! What about subject matter, size, colors and what is best suited for the intended location? What about matting, framing, lighting or the installation process itself? How does one resolve these questions? Don’t be like some who unnecessarily delay these decisions for years. Call me!

I have been to homes, workplaces and other facilities that have a beautiful exterior but the interior, by the client’s own admission, remains as sterile and uninspired as the day they moved in. Kind of reminds you of an Arctic landscape minus the furniture. Cold, stark, uninviting. If this sounds like your situation or you are just looking to “tweak” an existing area that still lacks “something,” I can help.

I would be happy to meet with you at your home or facility to evaluate your existing space. Whether it is a single wall, entire building or something in between, I am here to serve you. Obviously, I have a sincere desire to win your confidence but I can tell you from experience, it is not all about the selling. It is extremely gratifying and motivating for me, to see the joy on a client’s face who is viewing the photographs they have selected on display for the first time.

Advantages of an onsite consultation:

  • Joint assessment of space and lighting. Measurements as needed.
  • Discussion of photographic subjects, size, and number of images appropriate for the area.
  • Review of my portfolio of photographic images.
  • Matting and framing options.
  • Review of finished products from a sampling of matted and framed photographs (If you have a specific image in mind that you have seen at a show or on my website and I have it in stock, I will try to bring it for evaluation within your facility.
  • Discussion of pricing and any available discounts.
  • Conversation about installation, turnaround time and payment options.

To insure your satisfaction, I will assist you every step of the way. If you have your own ideas, I will listen. If you want advice, I will offer it. If you need more than one visit, I will make it. If I can’t help you, I will tell you.

My consultation fee of $75 is waived for purchases over $500. Why am I willing to take all this time?? First, because I believe in customer service and I would not be in business if I didn’t. Second, everyone is different and some customers prefer it. For those who do, I have learned there is no substitute for the comfort and reassurance that is derived from a face-to-face encounter. Decisions arising from such meetings alleviate any residual doubt and anxiety. Not everyone will be interested in this level of service. But if you are – I will provide it.

So, why not transform your space into an environment where warmth, inspiration and initiative will flourish? Click Here to view photographs of completed installations from satisfied customers and imagine the possibilities that await you. Call me at 724-518-9086 to set up your appointment today!