#23 “The Lone Sentinel” Lake Huron Shoreline – Tawas Point, MI

After searching for a single symmetrical tree to photograph along the Lake Huron shoreline, I came upon this tree and empty bench not far from the Tawas Point Lighthouse. I love winter and found this to be such an inviting scene……especially since it was a crystal clear cloudless day at the time. I thought I had found exactly what I had been looking for…..or so I thought. I photographed the tree for a period of time and even a Snowy Owl on top of the lighthouse, the first I had ever seen in the wild. Satisfied that I had accomplished all that I could, I packed my gear and began walking back to the car. While on my way, I could see a weather front approaching from the west and with it a magnificent cloudscape. It was a long way from the west to the eastern horizon but if this approaching front and the beautiful sky it contained were to hold up, I thought the results could far exceed what I had already achieved. I had to find out. So I reversed my course and returned to the shoreline and there I waited for the shifting horizon. Even now, almost 20 years later, I could not have envisioned the importance of that seemingly innocent decision. The resultant photograph so changed the course of my business early on, I honestly don’t know if I would have survived my decision to pursue photography had it not been for this image. As I reminisce about that moment today, I can’t remember what occupied my mind as I stood alone on the cold shores of Lake Huron that wintry morning. What I do know is that even today “The Lone Sentinel” continues to be a blessing in my life and to that of many others. A few years ago, I began to incorporate spiritual messages into the matting of my photographs. “The Lone Sentinel” was one of the first images I aligned with a message. From the book of Psalms it reads: “Be still and know I am God”. To me, it is perfect because while I don’t recall what occupied my mind that day in the distant past, I know what will occupy my mind moving forward. “Be still and know I am God.”