I learned of this lighthouse while visiting nearby family some years ago but time never seemed to permit any serious photographic efforts. That all changed in 2003. When scheduling a photography trip to Lake Superior, I allowed several days to explore and photograph this area along the Lake Huron shoreline. I enjoy, even prefer, winter photography because of the beauty and drama of the season. From my perspective, the harsher the environment, the greater the opportunity. As it turned out, this was the coldest stretch of a very cold winter. It was 15 degrees below zero when I stepped out that February morning and the northerly winds so fierce, the wind chill was left to my imagination. About this I am sure – the winds and temperature made it the coldest outdoor experience of my life. Fortunately, it was these same elements that afforded me exclusive access to a lighthouse that had been unexplored by anyone for days. There were no tracks preceding mine to spoil the pristine landscape. Sculpted by the wind, beautiful drifts of sand and snow awaited me. The diffused sunlight provided a sense of warmth to an otherwise frozen world. Moments later, the lighthouse became obscured by the snow squall approaching from behind. This day, time was on my side.