I have had many opportunities to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the summer; but, their winters are legendary and Lake Superior even more forbidding. I wanted to experience this winter wrath firsthand and, more importantly, to attempt to capture its awesome fury on film. So, in early February during a particularly severe winter, I traveled to Marquette. With temperatures hovering around zero and a minus 20 to 30 degrees wind chill, I sought protection in a nearby stand of pine trees beside a 7- foot wall of ice along the shore. From there, I shot across the open waters with a 300 mm lens and brought visually close to me the scene which was too dangerous to approach physically. For what seemed like an eternity, I photographed the impact of fierce north winds, blowing snow and crashing waves of ice that so embody winter on Lake Superior. In the background stands the lighthouse, which remains a beacon to seafarers in the worst of conditions.