When I discovered this area in the early 90’s, it instantly became one of my favorite places to visit. Surprisingly, I have stood alone hear on many occasions as if it were my own private retreat. A gentle breeze out of the west; ducks and geese bantering about the shoreline, a bull moose plowing through the high willow. Often these have been my only companions but even when they moved on, I have never felt alone. If there were ever a “stairway to heaven”, I think it might begin hear. This place and I have a history as I have been blessed here before. Some years earlier, one of my most successful images “Evening Glow” was shot within a 100 yards of this photograph. Ever since that October sunset, I have returned almost annually, spending each evening with tripod positioned, camera mounted, composition prepared occasionally rechecking exposure. Then, I would wait for the light. Some places deserve such attention, patience and perseverance. This is one of them. Still, you never know when or if the “magic light” will reappear. It has to be pursued, over and over again. After numerous return trips to the Tetons for a period of years and 20-25 nights of preparedness, I was finally rewarded with the image before you. I hope you like it.