There are times as a photographer when you must be able to anticipate when something spectacular is about to happen and the only question becomes “can I be there?” I had been photographing horse grazing in the foreground of the Teton Range when the sun began to send those fleeting but heavenly light beams through the partly cloudy skies of the western horizon. Believing I was on the verge of witnessing something extraordinary, I raced to a location I knew would provide the fitting backdrop for what was about to unfold. On arrival to Oxbow Bend, I had perhaps a minute to scurry down hill to the shore, mount my Nikon F2 and click the shutter. In 5 clicks it was over and the most surreal lighting I have ever seen vanished behind Mt. Moran forever. “Being there” for this shot remains one of the most rewarding moments I have ever experienced as a photographer.