Sometimes when we least expect it, there is a surprise around the next bend in the road. But at 60-70 mph, will it matter. That is how this image came about. I had just departed the Outer Banks because the weather had been dreadful and it was likely to stay that way for several days. I could not waste time waiting for it to improve so I left several days early to return home. It was a long drive but I planned to push myself to complete it in one day. As I was passing through Coinjock, I drove by an abandoned white frame house on the side of the road. I probably would not have noticed it but the brilliant pink Azaleas caught my eye and they were beautifully contrasted against the white boards of this interesting house. Knowing full well I had a long day ahead of me, I really did not want to stop.

However, photography is often about inconveniences and you can’t pass up a potential image just because you didn’t plan to be on the clock. My itinerary had been to photograph the coastal area but here was an opportunity in the interior I had not anticipated. At the first chance to turnaround I did and I spent a good 20-30 minutes exploring the house. It was not until I got much closer that I realized just how interesting the home was with its peeling paint, climbing vines and azaleas. The success of this little discovery made the trip home much more enjoyable.