One of the most popular locations in Ohiopyle is the walk to the base of Cucumber Falls. This waterfall has been photographed by thousands and published many times over. I have seen photographs from above and below but I wanted to do something different. It was a rainy day in October so a major obstacle to a quality photograph had already been eliminated……other people. During this persistent rain, I left the equipment in the vehicle and explored what seemed like every inch of the rocks looking for a unique composition. I finally found something promising if only the weather would cooperate. At a turn in the stream as it exited the waterfall, I set my tripod in the water. I laid along the shoreline and hung my head over the water and behind my tripod in order to gain the angle I desired. While I found what I had been seeking, the shooting would have to wait as the rained persisted. Then, shortly after noon, the rain stopped and the sun peaked out but in a way that exceeded all my hopes. It shone directly into the waterfall giving it an ethereal quality I had not anticipated and just long enough for me to create this image.