It was late autumn (November 1st) and I was on the final day of a 9-day photography trip to Maine. I was to leave that morning and drive all the way home to Pittsburgh. Because of that, I had not planned to shoot this morning but the night before, I decided to go out for one last push….. trying to capture a final image I could take home with confidence. Most of the fall colors were long gone in the higher elevations so I concentrated on the low lying areas. Time being of the essence, I left my equipment behind and began hiking and running the trails scouting for something promising. Sometimes I would find an area with potential, go back for the equipment and return to take some shots. Other times, I would return to an area with my equipment and decide I no longer found it appealing. This happens occasionally when under duress, you try to make something out of nothing. However, after climbing out of a rocky ravine and arriving at this trailhead, I stopped dead in my tracks. Complete with the stacked stones typically used to guide hikers and a blazing trail of blueberry bushes inviting further exploration, I knew I had found something special. A short time later, I returned with my equipment and photographed this image, the last of the trip and the most important.